Terms & Conditions

Please read this article before purchasing a doll or accesory,

or participation in a pre-order!

Purchase or pre-order implies your acceptance

of all the terms of this article.

Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Dolls and Accessories

Prices for dolls and accessories are shown without shipping cost.
In the product descriptions, I try to post as many informative photos as possible.
All photos of dolls and accessories are made under certain lighting conditions. In addition, a color rendition on different displays may differ.
A discrepancy between the perceptions of photographs and the real doll or accessory is not a basis for making claims, as well as for return, exchange or partial compensation.
I provide additional photos for dolls and accessories with individual features designed for a particular customer. These include make-up, blush, clothes, wigs, etc., custom-made.
 I do not take additional photos if the doll or accessory is bought as it is presented in the store.
I also do not take pictures of fitting the eyes, wigs, clothes and other accessories, in case they come with the doll, and are selected from the tables. Such accessories are not custom-made.
Dolls can not be returned and exchanged, except as described in the section Defects.
 If the goods were paid for  in full or in part, but could not be sent to the buyer due to the absence or defect found by me, I will refund the entire amount as soon as I become aware of this.


Payment is made through PayPal payment system.


The goods are sent to the buyer after full payment, including shipping, within 1-5 business days.
Shipping cost depends on a region of residence.
Shipping is made to the address specified in Paypal.
Buyer is provided with a tracking number valid in his(her) country.
It is important to remember that shipping is the complex process involving many people.
I am not responsible for shipping delays. This is not my evil intention. I do not have an opportunity to expedite the shipping in any way.
I do not compensate for shipping costs and do not make partial refunds for shipping delays.   Please pay attention to this when purchasing.
Shipping delays up to 3 months from the moment of sending are admissible.
Before this period, I do not consider any claims for the loss.
In cases of loss of the parcel or damage to its contents by the delivery services, each such case is considered individually.
I am interested and will do everything in my power to fix the problem and come to a mutual agreement with the buyer.


Layaway is possible when purchasing any doll in the store, as well as when participating in any pre-order.
The general principle is the regularity of installments.
Each installment must be made at least once a month.
If you refuse to purchase or participate in the pre-order, the deposited funds may either be non-refundable or will be returned indefinitely.
In case of an installment delay of more than a week, I will send a reminder letter to your address.
If the answer will not follow within another week, this is considered the refusal to purchase.


All pre-order dates are approximate. I do not make dolls on my own, but I order them in a specialized workshop, so I can not guarantee the exact observance of the terms.
A participant of the pre-order is required to make a first installment in full before the deadline specified in the announcement and follow the payment schedule.
I undertake to inform the participants about the progress of the pre-order either on this website or personally.
Pre-order is available in layaway.
In case of cancellation of the pre-order due to my fault, all deposited funds are returned to the participants in full.
If the participant withdraws from the pre-order at any stage, I reserve the right to withhold the made funds for an indefinite period.

Makeup and Blush

A doll can have ready-made make-up, or make-up is done at a request of a customer.
When ordering make-up you need to keep in mind that:
• Make-up is a complex process. I cannot repeat exactly the previously created patterns. Also, I do not stick to any scheme.
• Each make-up is individual.
• I follow the wishes of the customer as far as possible.
• The customer must familiarize himself with my work before in order to have an idea of ​​what the customer can expect from me.
• Photos of the finished make-up are provided to the customer.
• I do not make changes to the make-up after finishing it, because making changes to the finished make-up is impossible. Solution options:
 Return of payment for make-up, with providing the customer with a blank head.
 Full redrawing of make-up, with an additional charge for redrawing equal to half of the cost of the first make-up.    Redrawing is done only once. Payment for redrawing is not refundable under any circumstances.
 refusal to purchase with the full refund, excluding payment for make-up redrawing  (in case the doll was bought by installments, see the Layaway section regarding refund).
Buyers should be aware that the perception of photography and reality may differ.

After receiving the doll claims for make-up, not related to damage on delivery, will not be accepted. Payment for approved make-up is not refunded and is not partially compensated.
 Make-up needs careful handling.
The face of the doll cannot be wetted or washed with detergent.
Make-up can be damaged by falling or frequent changes of clothes, in contact with a sharp object, aggressive liquid or coloring matter.
Damaged make-up can not be restored. It needs a complete redrawing.

This also includes manicure and pedicure.
It is important to remember that the blush is not a stable coating due to the moving parts of the doll, changing clothes, etc.
It is subject to constant friction.
In places of friction, damage to the paint layer (scuffs) almost immediately occurs, despite strong protective coatings.
Scuffs may appear already at the stage of photographing the doll in my workshop, if the customer needs photographing. I do not eliminate such scuffs.
Before ordering a blush, please weigh the pros and cons.
The presence of scuffs is not a reason for making claims. I do not accept any claims for blush.


Doll defects include those discovered within one day after receiving the doll:
• chips and cracks on the surface of the doll;
• chipped paint layer and (or) scuffs of make-up. (Important! This does not apply to blush, including manicure and pedicure.)
  In case of such defects, contact me to solve the problem. There will be various options of solving the problems. Everything will depend on the specific situation. But, in any case, I will try to come to a mutual agreement with the buyer.
The defects of the doll do not include:
• slight difference in the colors of different parts of the doll;
• color heterogeneity on the surface of one part;
• the presence of shallow scratches;
• slight roughness  in the join’s cuts;
• minor irregularities on the surface of the doll;
• small dark or light spots on the surface of the doll.
No complaints are accepted for:
• poor holding the poses in the neck, elbow, knee and other joints;
• weak or, conversely, a strong stretch of an elastic string inside the doll;
• not high-quality glue coat of the doll’s joints;
• poor balance of the doll without a stand.
Also, no complaints about the change in color of the doll with time or under the influence of light are accepted. This change is a feature of the material from which the doll is made.

Precautions, storage and replacement of parts

Dolls and accessories of Somnia Dolls are not children’s toys.
These are collectibles that require careful handling.
They need special storage and exposure conditions.
Dolls should be protected from direct sunlight. Under the influence of light there is a rapid change in the color of the doll.
 It is important to remember that the change in color  occurs without exposure to sunlight. It is a slow process and it will become noticeable only in a few years.
The doll needs to be protected from falling.
The material of the doll is dense, the doll is quite heavy and when falling even from a small height it is under great load, therefore chipping and cracks are possible.
Make-up of the dolls also need careful handling.
The face of the doll cannot be wetted or washed with detergent.
Make-up can be damaged by falling or frequent changes of the clothes, in contact with a sharp object, aggressive liquid or coloring matter.
I am not responsible for the careless handling of the doll.
It is possible to replace some parts of the doll, if you ask me to.
Important! Replacement of the doll’s parts, which do not have defects of the manufacturer, is paid, because I do not make dolls on my own, and every detail is paid by me to the casting workshop, including delivery.
The possibility of replacement and timing will depend on the specific case.



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